Sparc Architecture
Sawdust and Strawberries

Europan Kristinehamn

Ontwerpwedstrijd voor een urban intervention in Kristinehamn, Zweden. Ontwerp samen gemaakt met Leonie Van Beek, master Landschapsarchitect.

Strategic site –adaptable city

Urban interventions for Kristinehamn’s sustainable development. See 7 page booklet for indepth explanation of our main interventions.

  • From mono- to multifunctional (existing areas develop slowly in lively and diverse areas without losing their identity, by inserting small scale interventions
  • Slow city development (extending urban areas develop based on community needs and demands via a dynamic urban plan. Self-sufficient ecological houses buildings are flexible in use to adapt to change over time
  • Green infrastructure (building with nature to strengthen Kristinehamn’s identity and ecosystem).
  • Identity based on local products and history

reintroduction of former economic drivers, iron and wood, as landmarkbuildings on their historic locations near the water and city center. These building, a sawmill and forgery, will provide education and will strengthen the genius loci

  • Urban farming at the heart of the community

Introducing food production and supply in the city centre to complement urban centre functions and the integration of urban farming in neighbourhoods by placing multifunctional greenhouses. Food acts as a main connecting factor between people.

  • Connecting people

introduction of a locally produced boardwalk for walking and biking to connect the city center with the living and working areas. Bridges will eliminate the barrier of the river Varnan. A mental connection is established via spread of multifunctional greenhouses




Kristinehamn, Zweden



  • JAAR : 2013
  • LOCATIE : Kristinehamn, Zweden
  • CATEGORIE : Ontwerpwedstrijd